Raccoon Lake Weekender held some surprises

The Central Indiana Unit had a rally for the record books this year! Our July rally was at Raccoon Lake State Recreational Area. We were excited about what looked to be a great rally – we had 10 units attending, including a visit from Artie & Pam Martin, of the Kentucky Unit. There was some rain in the forecast, but rain doesn’t trouble us too much. Some of us arrived on Thursday, and quickly discovered an unfamiliar Airstream in the campground. It turned out to be a brand new CIU member that none of us had met yet – Sammy Bracken – and we were so happy to get to spend some time getting acquainted. Sadly the Brackens had to leave on Friday morning, but we look forward to lots more rallies with them. We had a nice evening around the campfire Thursday night, with music provided by several talented Airstreamers. Friday morning more units started rolling in, and we were even more ‘friendly’ than usual because we were all gathered in close under an awning to stay out of the rain. As dinner time approached, many of us went inside our trailers to cook, and Jim and Sue Fuller left to go to a restaurant. Suddenly text messages started flying – the Fullers’ awning had collapsed in the rain. The men all went running, and did their best to minimize the damage – the photos below show them in action. As it was getting dark, Abbie Lowe and her father Dan pulled in with their rig, and had just got set up when sirens sounded. Park rangers began driving through the campground announcing on loudspeakers that the park was being evacuated! We were certainly surprised – yes, the lake was VERY high – but EVACUATE? REALLY? Being the wise campers that we are, we immediately started packing up, and the last Airstream cleared the park within an hour and a half. The next day we learned that officials had made the decision to close the floodgates at the dam, because of concerns for downstream flooding. They knew the lake was going to rise – and the next morning it crossed the road which was the only access to – or exit from – the park. We are grateful to the staff at the park for making the decision to evacuate early, and turning out in force to direct traffic and help everyone get out safely.

IMG_4155 IMG_4154

Photos by Patti Frey


Photo by Damon Beals