International Rally – Gillette, WY, 2010

Don’t forget to check out the “Heel To Toe” Caravan link for information about our Youth/Buddy Rally in August and the October 10-day Caravan. It’s a new format for Caravans, designed for the working family.

The Rally has begun and the days are filling up rapidly. Many CIU and Region 5 members are managing the Club Store, so the WBCCI “world” is literally coming to us. We are enjoying the best weather in the nation: Sunny days, low humidity and upper 70s.

Here are some images to give you a taste of the experience if you can’t be here yourself.

Indy to Gillette, Wyoming

Vintage Airstreams

Airstream International Rally

img_6930.JPG img_6955.JPG p6250012.JPG


The Future of WBCCI


It rained a bit the other night. Barry and Karen managed to get home, shoeless!


Region 5 members have been very busy running the club store.