Top of Indiana Caravan 2011

Together Again

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A übercool start to the Top of Indiana Caravan at Chain O’ Lakes couldn’t take the fun out of Airstreaming with friends.  We were joined by three non-CIU Airstreamers, MaryLou Volz from Kentucky, Wayne and Karen Roberts from Ohio, and new-member prospects Lana and Don Russel from Noblesville.  For sure, pressing those little buttons on a GPS during the geocaching seminar was a bit difficult with gloves but some members managed to find ALL four geocaches!  The planned canoeing and kayaking on the lakes gave way to hiking and activities around the campfire.  Perhaps the highlights of the Chain O’ Lakes segment were the Windmill Museum and the feeding time tour of the Black Pine Animal Park.  Seeing a full-sized Bengal tiger wolf down 3 pounds of raw beef was, well, pretty impressive, as was watching a 400 lb. black bear attack a watermelon and a male lion fling around his new deer carcass like a puppy with a new toy.   On the down side, the men on the trip were occupied with a broken power hitch-jack and a dead water pump.  That kept them busy clear to Elkhart – the treasure trove of RV parts and repair!

A Cold Start

 Chain O’Lakes

By the time we rolled into Elkhart the temps were up.  Summer was making a comeback and we luxuriated in the warmth and brilliant fall colors that seemed to intensify with each day.  The Amish culture never fails to make a good rally environment, from good food to pastoral scenes and a great bike ride through the countryside among buggies and Amish families biking home from the Shipshewana flea market. Following an evening of viewing the Capetown to Cairo Caravan video, our new officers were installed at the RV Museum in Elkhart, where we learned even more about the origins of our favorite pastime!

  Biking in Amish Country.jpg CIU Bikers.jpg

Biking in Amish Country.

  Young and, well, younger.jpg   My Friend Bud.jpg

Fun with friends of all ages! 

Was it really 80 degrees in October?  Yep.  Spending a day at the beach, hiking the dunes and walking barefoot in the sand was beyond our wildest expectations for a fall caravan.  The Old Lighthouse Museum and sunsets over Lake Michigan certainly finished our caravan on a high note – fitting for being at the “Top” of Indiana!  Thanks to all participants who pitched in to help with campfires, meals, and sharing the adventure.

Indiana Dunes

All’s Well That Ends Well.

All's well that ends well.jpg