Feast of the Hunters Moon Rally, 2009

The FEAST OF THE HUNTERS MOON RALLY was wet and muddy, but fun. On Thursday thirteen trailers arrived at AOK Campground, just in time for the skies to open up but Mother Nature didn’t manage to dampen our enthusiasm for being together again. Friday afternoon found us at the Wolf Park in Lafayette, learning about the social structure of wolves and making the acquaintance of Tristan, Wolfgang, Willow, Kiri and Twister, to name a few canine friends. Even in a pouring rain, they came out to greet us. Or was it to stalk us?

Our planned pitch-in and bratwurst grill was scrapped in favor of an evening meal, business meeting and election of officers at dry and warm MCL Cafeteria. A great suggestion by Tom Yater!

Saturday dawned clear and cool, though a bit damp. It was good to feel the warm sun again and The Feast of the Hunters Moon did not disappoint us. It provided a wealth of entertainment, food, music and mud. Lots of mud. The variety of costumes at the opening ceremony showcased hours, if not days or weeks of research, careful work and attention to detail. At any one time throughout the day we could hear fife and drums, dulcimers and zithers, Indian drums, or peals of laughter at the banter of the juggling Budabi Brothers.

Evening found us at Oliverios Restaurant for dinner, a brief executive meeting and a few words from newly elected President Mike Zimmermann about his future goals for CIU. In short, Mike would like to improve membership retention and participation of current members in CIU events, plus enlist the aid of more members in organization and planning of rallies.

Overall a great, if soggy, rally!